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SSD Tech Co., Ltd. (Referred to as SSD) is rooted in the fertile soil of Shenzhen innovation. SSD is a science and technology innovation enterprise which focuses on the fields of sports, culture, health, science and technology. SSD specializes in R&D and ecological layout of smart hardware products.

SSD is committed to becoming a science and technology powerhouse and practitioner of smart equipment and green travel. With the innovative R&D capability of independent intellectual property rights and advanced design strength, SSD applies science and Internet technologies to make sports health and smart travel to become an ideal lifestyle of people. "Smart4u” puts science and technology wings on your life.

The core team members with a wealth of professional capabilities and experience are the veterans coming from the industries of Internet, intelligent hardware, and electronics and communications. The self-developed “Smart4u” smart cycling helmets bring cycling enthusiasts and commuters unprecedented cycling safety and enjoyable experience.

SSD is based in China while facing the world. Its product and service will be throughout major countries and regions in Asia and Europe. SSD will be an industry’s outstanding provider of smart equipment product and service.

The heart has been motivated and we will go further.

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